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Integrated Therapist & Anxiety Specialist

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'I believe in providing an approach that is informal, personal, professional, successful and helps you to live the life you  desire.

I do not use complicated medical jargon, and we work together as a team...'

A little bit about me....!

Hello and welcome to Nik James Therapy Solutions.

I am an integrated therapist specialising in working with anixety related conditions.

Having had personal experience of stress and anxiety for the larger part of my younger life somehow led me to working in a range of specialist health and wellbeing services that actually focused on helping people manage their stress and anxieties.  From issues such as becoming anxious and stressed before and exam through to managing the anxiety around obsessive compulsive behaviours, fear of flying or public speaking, whatever the issue the common denominator was that the level of stress and anxiety being experienced had a dramatic affect of the quality of life and happiness that the individual experienced.

Over those many years of working across health, education, mental health, employment and wellbeing services I have trained and perfected an approach called 'The Nexus Technique(c)' that can be really help people to overcome issues which hold them back in life.

I am qualified in both traditional theraputic modalities along with some of the most current neuro psycholigical approaches this enables me to provide an unique approach that is based around your specific needs - and not a one size fits all answer to your issues

Nik James Therapy Solutions... was born.

My qualifications include holding the:


Diploma WSN Counselling and Coaching

Diploma Cognitive Neuro Realignment Practitioner

ILM Diploma Hypnotherapy

ILM Diploma Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching

Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

C&G Diploma Health and Social Care ( MH )

Diploma Mindfulness Practitioner

Diploma EFT Practitioner

Diploma Rewind Technique

Diploma Psychology

Cert Community Mental Health

Cert Health and Exercise

Cert Nutrition and Diet

Diploma Brainworking Recursive Therapy(R)

Diploma Blueprint Practitioner(R)

Diploma Emotional Intellegence Practitioner

I am registered with the Professional Standars Authority, the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council and am a Senior Accredited member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (UK)


I work as an Integrative Therapist, this means I utilise a range of different approaches to better meet your needs, rather than offering just one approach.

  Being able to utilise the most appropriate modality or therapy to meet your needs, or create a mix of several this enables me to deliver a personalise approach that meets your individual need.



My personal experience balanced with my professional training allows me to better understand where you are coming from and how your issues AFFECT YOU !

We work as a team to get the best lasting solution for

 YOU ! no dragging out sessions - we have a plan and a goal from the start.

I am approachable, our relationship needs to be built around HONESTY to be effective, from the start we agree how we will work together and what it is we aim to achieve.

MONEY ! Although I would love to work for free, I am like everyone else and need to earn money to live. However my driving force is your success and as such we aim to achieve success in the shortest time possible, this makes many of the approaches work out cheaper than some other theraputic alternatives.

Appointmement FLEXIBILITY, I aim to work with you in as flexible way as possible, appointments are available outside of traditional office hours and can even be held via Skype where appropriate - our aim is to make success as simple as possible

You may be thinking - 'Why should I choose Nik James Therapy Solutions ?'

Do you ever feel that you want to overcome things that are holding you back in life?


Well you are in the right place, my aim is to work with you to become the person you want to be and have the life you deserve.


Working with me can free you from issues that hold you back, giving you a fresh start.


I specialise in a range of approaches that can help with issues from anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias through to things such as smoke stop, weight management, motivation, work or relationship issues or self confidence, the list is endless.


There is no charge for your initial consultation, so we can chat things over informally before you make your decision ..... I keep things simple, relaxed and successful.


I work from my offices based at The Consulting Centre 348 Poole Rd Bournemouth Dorset or via SKYPE where appropriate or for clients unable to attend the office.